Vielä ehdit ilmoittautua lokakuussa 2023 alkavalle jatko-opintokurssille: FUTUJ1 Approaches to Scientific Futures Research

‘FUTUJ1 Approaches to Scientific Futures Research’ course is organised as follows: on Fri 6 October, 2023 the opening session and a 2-day seminar on Thu–Fri 26–27 October, 2023. All events will be organised online.

Please register latest Wed 27.9.2023 in Webropol.
You need to write a short motivation letter when you register.

Number of participants is max 30 (FFA 10 students, FFRC 10 students and UTUGS 10 students). Students will be selected based on the required additional information given as part of the enrollment.

More information on Peppi