Annual Summer School and Futures Conferences

Together with the Finland Futures Research Centre, the FFA organises an international summer course parallel to the annual conference. The teaching structure of the summer courses follows the topic of the conference, and students are free to participate in conference presentations and workshops. The summer course is meant for both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in Futures Studies.

Forthcoming Summer School

Summer School  ‘Futures of Natural Resources’ will be organized between 6.5.–24.6.2024. It consists of weekly online lectures and participation into international Futures Conference (online or on site).

Further information available on March 2024.

Previous themes

  • 2023: Transformative Visions in Society, 2.5.–26.6.2023, online
  • 2022Data & Futures Studies, 10.5.–28.6.2022, online & Turku
  • 2021Transformative Learning, 10.5.–28.6.2021, online
  • 2019: Constructing Social Futures – Sustainability, Responsibility and Power, 12–13 June 2019, Turku
  • 2018: Energizing Futures – Sustainable Development and Energy in Transition, 13–14 June 2018, Tampere
  • 2017: Futures of a Complex World, 12–13 June 2017, Turku
  • 2015: Futures Studies Tackling Wicked Problems: Where Futures Research, Education and Action Meet, 11–12 June 2015, Turk