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Welcome to the FFA’s Annual 5 ECTS Summer School: ‘Transformative Learning’ organised online 10 May – 28 June 2021

Summer School ’21 is fully booked and registration is closed [23 April].

Transformative learning is defined as “learning that transforms problematic frames of reference – sets of fixed assumptions and expectations (habits of mind, meaning perspectives, mindsets) – to make them more inclusive, discriminating, open, reflective, and emotionally able to change” (e.g. Mezirow).

In other words, we experience transformative learning when we are able to reconcile contradictory information with our existing worldview to create a more comprehensive perspective that informs our future actions. Five elements of transformative learning theory – the disorienting dilemma, critical reflection, discourse, meaning making, and perspective transformation – are essential for transformative learning to take place and are inextricably interconnected.

During our summer school you will learn how futures studies take into account the theories of transformative learning. We will introduce the concepts of Futures Consiousness, framework of Three Horizons and Futures Literacy Lab. You will also get to know latest research results under the conference topic “Learning Futures – Futures of Learning”.

Summer School Programme consists of real time lectures and exercises tailored for students only

Preliminary timetable & themes:

  • 11 May at 15–18: Futures Consciousness
  • 18 May at 15–18: Three Horizons Framework
  • 25 May at 15–18: Futures Literacy Laboratory
  • 1 June at 15–18: Transformative Learning
  • 8–9 June: “Learning Futures – Futures of Learning”

(All time slots in EEST (UTC+3)

‘Learning Futures – Futures of Learning’ online Futures Conference organised 8–9 June

As the last section of the Summer School you will take part in the Futures Conference 2021 tackling with the pressing global ecological, cultural, societal and economic challenges. The event is organised by Finland Futures Research Centre and Finland Futures Academy, University of Turku in collaboration with Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI). Read more about the conference.

Course Requirements (5 ECTS) for Master’s Students:

  • Preliminary readings (a collection of materials delivered to all enrolled), exercises and preparation for lectures in between weekly meetings.
  • Active participation in Summer School online lectures and exercises 4 x 3 hours
  • Participation in the Conference.
  • Reflective learning diary (10–15 pages), due on 28 June 2021.

Registration and fee

Summer School fee is 35€. The fee is due within the registration.
Summer School ’21 is fully booked and registration is closed [23 April].

Further information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via