The Millennium Project and Helsinki Node

The Millennium Project is an international network of over 1000 futurists, scholars, business executives and planners, scientists, and policymakers from more than 50 countries. The Millennium Project is a worldwide think tank, operating from an international perspective, free from single agendas. It is dedicated to exploring global futures by interviewing and surveying individuals in corporations, universities, NGOs, UN organisations, and governments.

The aim of the Project is to understand world change and identify actions that will help secure the best possible future for humanity as a whole. The Millennium Project employs a mix of standard futures research methods and new tools developed by the Project, investigating the leading factors shaping the future of the world.

Helsinki Node

The Millennium Project is organised into Nodes: each Node consists of a group of individuals and institutions who identify creative and advanced experts to participate in the Millennium Project’s research, interconnecting global and local perspectives. European nodes form a network called Foresight Europe Network (FEN).

The Finland Futures Academy co-ordinates the Helsinki node, established in 2001.

Helsinki Node:

  • Sirkka Heinonen (University of Turku), Chair 2020-
  • Toni Ahlqvist (University of Turku), Co-Chair
  • Mikko Dufva (Finnish Society for Futures Studies), Co-Chair
  • Juha Kaskinen (University of Turku), Co-Chair
  • Osmo Kuusi (Finnish Society for Futures Studies), Co-Chair
  • Sari Söderlund (University of Turku), Co-Chair

State of the Future

The annual State of the Future report provides an assessment of the global situation and future trends; normative, exploratory, and very-long-range scenarios, and annotated bibliographies of hundreds of scenarios; and special studies on future science and technology issues, environmental security, and analysis of international policies and goals.

Each State of the Future report improves and builds upon the previous edition, addressing the international situation on 15 Global Challenges (with sensitivity to regional perspectives), prospects for the future, policies and actions to address them and indicators to measure progress.

Reports, videos:

Further information:

Sirkka Heinonen
Professor Emerita
Finland Futures Research Centre