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Welcome to the FFA’s Annual 5 ECTS Summer School: ‘Transformative Visions in Society’ organised online 2 May – 26 June 2023

The landscape of Transformative Visions in Society has a varied topography, which will be examined during the FFA Summer School 2023.

Questions such as, how do transformative visions fit into the landscape of futures studies, what visions of a transformed future ‘exist’ and what are the indicators of transformations occurring at a macro level, will be raised. In addition, the summer school will look at, what are the drivers of change, who makes visionary futures and for whom and what issues of power are at play?

Topics will also include, what are the ethical considerations in the formation of transformative visions, how are visions of radically different futures deployed and how does Futures Studies interweave imagination and research to produce, and critically evaluate, visions of radical transformations in society.

Welcome to the transformative Summer School experience!

Timetable & Preliminary Themes:

(All time slots in EEST (UTC+3)

  • 16 May at 15–18: Planetary Futures and the Long Now

Keynote from Professor Markku Wilenius on global transformative visions and a panel discussion on how planetary and long term futures manifest in the present.

  • 23 May at 15–18: Crisis and Neo-Carbon

Keynote from Professor Emerita Sirkka Heinonen on learning from crisis and a participatory exploration of neo-carbon energy scenarios

  • 30 May at 15–18: Two Cases of Transformation

Two case studies on the role of transformative visions in society are presented and discussed in the context of technology, economics, and planetary boundaries.

  • 6 June at 15–18: Radical Visions for Finland

The role of radical scenarios in politics is explored in a participatory exercise for Finland’s Committee for the Future

Please note! Changes in speakers and themes may occur.

Course Requirements (5 ECTS) for Master’s Students:

  • Pre-assignment to prepare for the course before the first lecture
  • Preliminary readings (a collection of materials delivered to all enrolled), exercises and preparation for lectures in between weekly meetings
  • Active participation in Summer School online lectures and exercises 4 x 3 hours
  • Reflective learning diary (10–15 pages), due on 26 June 2023.


All students must register through the link below. Registration is open during 1426 April 2023.

Further information

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